Lue Pottery




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Spray booth front
Spray booth exterior
Spray guns

Plastic water tank from local rubbish dump.

Flexible ducting leading from air cooler fan to whirly ventilator on roof ridgecap.

Spray guns & flex-shaft grinders.

Sliding polycarb screen stops blowback from spraying.

Spray booth interior
Hot wax pan
Shelf grinding

Turntable on false floor.

Newsprint for bulk catch, then 25 mm foam, then cardboard labyrinth baffle.

Cooler fan has 3 speeds, low setting clears wax fumes.

Shelf on turntable, hand stone for rub down, angle grinder with stone blade for drips.

Sand etching

Upside down orbital sander clamped to heavy base, hand emery stone for large plates.

Mini-sandblaster used with glass micro-beads to wash away unfired slips & glazes.

Sliding screen turned upside down, covering front of cabinet, armholes at comfortable working level sitting on stool.

Sock protectors on arms stop blowback of grit. Zircon sand used as grit.

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