Lue Pottery





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Des commenced potting full-time in 1969 in Sydney, Jan ran a shop, supplied by 12 stoneware/porcelain potters, in a restored historical area.

In 1972 Des & Jan moved to The Badger Ground, a valley in the Central Tablelands of New South Wales, there they used local clays, kick wheels, gas and wood fired kilns, milked goats, grew vegies, wore batik/tie dyed T shirts, no electricity ...

1981 saw the move to the Village of Lue, (pron. loowee, Wiradjuri (indig.) for "chain of waterholes"), 15 km from The Badger Ground. Electricity!!! Trevor, the first trainee, started in 1984, (Des found him under a cabbage looking for aliens). Others came & went, Trev stayed.


Des - Designing/building/tinkering/tweaking (mechanical, electrical, structural), reading, State Emergency Service & Rural Fire Service voluntary work & creative procrastination.

Jan - Gardening, gardening, gardening, reading, humouring Des & gardening, a living breathing Work Ethicist.

Trev - Conspiracy theories, (he swears "The X Files" was actually a docudrama), Rural Fire Service voluntary work, computer games & chain sawing, (he has been heard to make revving noises when using an axe!)


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